A story of successful trader

The late Ali Hussain Behzad was one of the pioneering businessmen in Qatar and the Gulf and one of those who worked in trading since the mid 1950s. He achieved big successes in the world of business. His economic vitae tells a lot about his success in trading. He started his trading business at an early age in the 1950s when trading was not an easy activity. Since then he practiced many kinds of trading which resulted in establishing a number of companies under Behzad Group.
The group started its activity under his chairmanship. His hands on leadership enabled the group to overcome obstacles until it achieved remarkable success in the commercial milieu. This was not strange for a man who inherited a vast trading experience from a family that was firmly established in the world of business particularly in pearl trading between the Gulf and India. He witnessed that trade in his early years which sharpened his trading skills. He visited a number of countries for trading and business purposes looking for goods and commodities of commercial value. Thus he gained an International experience and became a skillful trader.

Mr. Ali Behzad at work.

Mr. Ali Behzad (2nd from the right) with BBME employees in Qatar in the mid 1950's

Mr. Ali Behzad (1st from left) in Germany in one of his business trip in 1959

After the deteriorating of pearl trade in the Gulf he ventured info the world of banking and joined the British bank of the middle East since 1948 until he became the commercial manager of that bank in Qatar from 1955-1973. Those years combined with his earlier experience made him a prominent man in the world of business and money. He was one of those who built the Qatari economy and as a manager in the British bank he contributed a lot of help Qatari traders to overcome obstacles.
Among his prominent contributions is the establishment of the Oriental Trading Company in 1955 with his partners then the Oriental Bakery in 1962 which was the first automatic bakery in Qatar. He was involved in many commercial activities which were crowned by establishing Behzad Group which at present includes Behzad Trading Enterprises,  Behzad Plastic Products,  Behzad  Car Care Centre in addition to the  Oriental Bakery which is still the best of bakeries  in Qatar.
Ali Behzad believed in education and development and was a leader who followed a hands-on management till he passed away on Thursday 24/8/1999 when he was 73 years old. His sons Sohail (electric engineer), Sanim (Petroleum engineer- and holds Masters Degree in business administration) and Salah (business administration- accountancy) went on building upon their father’s legacy.

Ali Hussain Behzad  
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