Behzad Transport

Behzad Transports, established in 1978, is the premier fuel supplier in the State of Qatar. The company is involved in the supply of fuel, both by road and sea. The aim of Behzad Transports is to offer total solution for all the oil needs of Doha. With this target set, Behzad Transports has developed continuously to reach the position of the prime fuel operating company not only in Doha but also in the whole State of Qatar. With wide range of customers, it has now reached an international status.

Behzad Transports has grown to become one of the most prestigious oil transporting companies in the State of Qatar with its very big road trailers, supply vessels and oil tankers. The company also offers a peculiar feature of "Service round the clock". Behzad Transports strongly believes in and follows its motto, " More Turnover and Less Profit"